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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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White line on the screen


After battery replacement, probably accidentally I damaged the screen flex cable . There is a white vertical line on the screen. I observed that when I put isopropyl alcohol on the damage place, the line is gone. Do you have any idea if there is a solution to permanently fix this, other than replacing the wire.

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The screen connector ribbon is soldered to the motherboard and not the screen. The screen has the ribbon connectors attached. To replace the ribbon is supposed to be a bit of hassle so if you get one I’d take it to a reputable repair shop who deals with micro soldering unless you are capable yourself. Also is the white line there when the watch is open or closed up or both?. Asking as some batteries aren’t the same size as the old one and even a mm too big could be causing pressure on something when closed up. Had it with a Fitbit once.

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The white line is there no matter if it’s open or closed


You now have two options, replace the whole screen assembly, (not cheap but easier) or replace the screen ribbons (cheaper but more fiddly work) if you don’t want to fork out loads for a new screen look on eBay for a spares or repair watch the same specs as yours. There are loads that are iCloud locked with good screens. Probably save quite a few quid too. If you try a new screen and it’s the same then it’s a solder job. Assuming you have all the cables seated correctly in the screen. Only takes a mm out to cause problems. Good luck.


@strongbow - The while line is within the screens signal line matrix not the ribbon cable from the display. Think how cloth is woven this X-Y arrangement is also present within the display.


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Sorry to say you can't replace the wire either, it's the whole screen assembly that will need replacing.

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