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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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after replacing battery, iPad keeps rebooting every 2-3 minutes

I recently replaced the battery on my iPad Pro 10.5 with an aftermarket battery from amazon. The iPad would turn on and function fine but then shut off after a few minutes and reboot. I read these forums and considered the new battery was bad so I bought another one. The same rebooting issue keeps happening. The battery percentage is a bit erratic jumping +/-5-10% randomly and without the corresponding use or charging that would normally account for a battery's percentage to fluctuate. I've been trying to factory reset the iPad but the iPad won't stay on long enough to complete the process. The iPad is cleared and erased but I can't seem to set it up because the iPad reboots to quickly. I feel like I'm so close to getting my trusty old iPad to work again and yet so far. its very frustrating!! any help or suggestion is appreciated. thanks.

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Hello jotofoto,

You are experiencing a standard problem with insufficient battery sensor readings, or the sensor lines are broken or discontinuous. Typically, such a problem in iPad appears due to the lack of experience in working with microelectronics. It is good practice to scan a new battery and check its properties. Unfortunately, 90% of retailers, especially those in China, do not see the problem, do not recognize it, or simply hide it.

Another variation on the same problem is insufficient care when disconnecting motherboard and battery. The pins on the contact port become bent or broken, preventing contact and signal transmission between the motherboard and battery. I am writing from memory, so verify it again - in ipad 10.5 there are 5 contact pins (single interface 1.8V - first from the left, ground, 3.8V power supply, 3.8V control and 1.8V data bus - first from the right).

Lack of control, data or SI signal (all low-current data lines) will cause cyclic restarts with an interval of about 175 seconds. The motherboard should be removed from the housing to check the battery port. If the pin is bent, you can bend it slightly, even below the threshold of the others. If it is damaged, the entire port must be replaced. The cost of the new port - about $ 3.5. Unfortunately, most workshops will damage delicate electronics. Avoid untested workshops with an unproven reputation. Repairing a tablet motherboard that is so damaged by an untrained technician in a repair shop is time consuming and really expensive.

If you have a steady hand and y're not afraid of challenges, you can check the condition of the port I wrote above: slightly peel off the motherboard and lift a quarter inch at the height of the battery port and check (take a photo) the condition of the port. If one of the thin pins is sutured, deformed, you can try to bend it back. Remember to protect the battery contact pads.

I guess that's all ...

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Hi there,

After changing the screen and battery I am getting the restart after a few minutes.

I have examined the battery connectors and all appear to be sound and not bent. I have reset the iPad - no improvement. Now I cant complete the setup as it just restarts.

Battery has now been charged to 100% and it appears to show correctly.

Do you happen to have any ideas of what else might be causing it?


I’m having the same problem after changing screen and battery, but my iPad Pro 9.7 worked perfectly for several weeks, until yesterday when it suddenly started crashing and rebooting every few minutes. Any ideas would be great please.


@handyann check panic.log first and post here. Will see what's happened.


Thanks so much for getting back to me, but before I saw your reply I removed the screen again and checked the connections. The culprit was the battery connector screw which, somehow, was completely loose and just sitting in the hole. I put it in properly and the iPad is working perfectly. 😮‍💨


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Hi Jotofoto! This rebooting every 3 minutes is something that happens quite a bit, and it's usually got to do with a faulty power flex. Replacing the power flex should do the trick.

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