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How to replace L button on my Nintendo switch. Parts and tools need?

How to replace L button on my Nintendo switch. Parts and tools need?

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When you say you want to replace the L button, are you talking about the plastic part you press, or the internal switch that makes the electrical connection between two wires?

If it's the former, there's a guide available on the French website SOSav that has a repair guide for that.

L button Left Joy-Con repair - Free guide - SOSav

The guide includes a list of parts and tools needed for the repair.

I didn't find a repair guide for the internal switch, but there is a video guide here on iFixit that purports to show you how to repair the L switch. Note that it involves resoldering what appears to be a loose connection between the switch and the circuit board.

How to repair L button Joy-Con - iFixit Repair Guide

There doesn't appear to be any guide available for replacing the switch itself, so it will take some research on your part to figure out how to take out the little circuit board it's mounted on and finding a suitable replacement.

Good luck with your repair; hope this helps.

EDIT: Actually, it appears you're in luck. Amazon has a replacement for the L button that includes the circuit board with the switch already mounted on it, so all you have to do is figure out how to remove it and replace it with the new switch assembly.

Amazon.com: Ximimark 2 Pcs L Button Key Ribbon Flex Cable Replacement Part for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Buttons Cable Gai : Video Games

And, even better, someone called FixnotBuy has made a video showing how to replace the button assembly mentioned above.

How to fix the shoulder button (L-Button) on a Nintendo Switch Joycon - YouTube

Depending on exactly what the problem is, you should be covered now!

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