Looking for power connector pinouts

Hello Maharaja,

I have the same issue with my iMac late 2015 iMac won't start up. No diagnostic LEDs. PSU tested fine (see . below)

I want to upgrade the Hard Drive, the symptom are the same...

no diag LED's at all...

The power supply has been replaced, unsuccessfully ...

The 12Vdc come on logicboard from the big bottom connector. But it seems that there are MOSFET's that are not triggered

Do you have pinout of the litlle black connector on top and tension on this little 7pins connector


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Sorry I can't help you with this. I no longer have this machine. Since you are talking about MOSFETs and tracking down the pins, you are way more advanced than I ever was. It's very likely the logic board has a short or a fault somewhere. You will just have to work to find out where the fault is.

It's unfortunate that apple won't share the documentation about this... Ohh well. I wish you luck in finding the fault or fixing it.

When I opened my machine, I most likely shorted it by having the PSU touch the metal body of the machine by mistake.


ok thanks for your reply, may be if i find something i will post my repair plan ...:-)


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