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power button and it turns green for a second before it turns red

Hi I'm having a problem with my ps3, I press the power button and it turns green for a second before it turns red again. Can you help me with this? Thanks

Update (08/17/2022)


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Any other colors


Does it go green yellow red


Go green than red


I’m have video on that @cyberwolfew


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@catlady209 usually the blinking red light means that the console has shut down because of overheating. It is possible that you have a clogged (air ducts) or bad fan. Check something like this video for a possible solution. For a further teardown and to check things out, use these guides PlayStation 3

Hope this helps to get your PS3 working again.

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How to you know that?


Hi there @catlady209, iFixit Staff here to check in!

@oldturkey03 is one of our long time moderators, I'd trust him to fix just about anything. Follow his advice and check back in. If this doesn't do it, we can help you figure out something different to try.


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