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First I’m going to say I’m quite the newbie to this. I’m going to start from the start here.

I bought a faulty Switch Lite from eBay. Reportedly needing charging port replaced. I replaced a fault USB-C port on the Switch Lite. It worked but would only charge on one side. I took this to mean the hidden pins maybe didn’t make a good connection. But also I found out once it booted up that the right stick was needing replaced also. Took this as a good excuse to try and fix my the USB-C issue.

Re-placed the port to see if that would help. Installed the new stick. Put it back together. However I get no screen, only sound. And I don’t think the Switch Lite boots up unless it’s plugged into power. My Amp Meter is showing around 0.6-0.7 amps when it’s on.

Does anyone know what I can do to check this out? I’ve tried reseating all the cables and cleaning them incase I maybe got them dirty. But nothing seems to help. I’ve got a multimeter. Is there any readings of components I should check at all?

As I said, I’m quite the newb to such repairs, so I kind of need it explained in layman’s terms also haha.

Thanks for any and all help. It’s greatly appreciated.

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so it turned on before you tried to repair the port ? reading 1 side can be bad port or m92t36 in some cases


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