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Eighth generation of iPad, released September 18, 2020, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2270.

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Pinout of Home Button Connector? iPad 8 Wifi, torn pads

I have a iPad 8 and some monster pulled a few pads off trying to replace home button zif connector. I started scraping to see if I can follow the traces. They are not clearly seen through the mask like I see some show.

Didn't want to start tearing all the mask off, and figure someone has seen this. Do we know where these traces go to ? Does it even use all the traces? iPad 8 seems to be the only ipad I don't have info on. Here is a pic of what I have under the microscope.

Block Image

Thanks in advance !

Update (08/20/2022)

Oh my bad, it's a A2270

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Oddly enough, the pads that lifted are not used. The half pads I was able to use and still connected. I believe I'm good, i'll assembly and test. Purchased ZXW to confirm pin location to componets.


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If you get a multi metre and put it in continuity try this

Put one probe on ground and the other on the bit that you scraped the mask off and see if there is continuity to ground

The reason why I am ask for you to do this is because it looks like a ground pad because of its size,obviously it’s quite hard to say but I don’t see traces going under a connector very often

I would have a look for a schematic and Board view so you can see where the actually go

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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