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Следующей моделью в линейке после iPhone XS, выпущенной 20 сентября 2019 года, стал iPhone 11 Pro. Он получил 5,8-дюймовый OLED-дисплей, тройную основную камеру и увеличенное время автономной работы.

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After battery change iPhone 11 pro is stuck at 1% & won't charge

Hey all. I recently changed an iPhone 11 pro's charger port & battery I got off of injuredgadgets.com. I've ordered many good working parts from this seller before. Upon the repair, the phone would boot but only display the battery at 1% & wouldn't charge at all (via cable or wireless). The phone also randomly shuts off after maybe 3 minutes of being on everytime. I tried putting the original parts back in, but it still shows the exact same behavior. I'm trying to kill the original battery inside the phone but it's pretty hard to when the phone won't stay on for more than a few minutes. I can't really find information online except that this is a symptom of the phone being unable to detect the battery. I don't understand how this issue exists even with the original parts. Any ideas?

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There is most likely damage present to either the battery connector or components surrounding the connector. If the battery is the only part you replaced, the damage should be isolated to the connector area. I would recommend using a board level repair service to resolve. There should be some microsoldering technicians local to you. If not, my company offers a mail in repair service that should be able to resolve. Not sure what iFixit's policy is on this so just mentioning as an option.

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