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A sports sedan manufactured in 2003-2004 by Infinity

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turn my car off the tail lights stay on.

I have a 2003 Infinity G35. My starter went out so we replaced it and the battery. Now when I turn my car off the tail lights stay on. I'm a female so I'm not very mechanically inclined and I'm freaking out. Could the computer be going out in my car?

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You have to first determine weather it’s your parking lights or your brake lights, brake lights are much brighter than your parking (or tail) lights. When they’re stuck on go to front of car, look to see if the front or side lights are on as well. If they are then you have a stuck parking light issue if not and the rear red lights are only then you have a brake light issue. Either way first check that you have all the connections right on your new battery and starter and that no other wires were disturbed. If it’s ok and brake lights only then you can refine your question to brake lights stuck on. Which would probably be a brake light switch.

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It is the brake lights, no front lights stay on. I've googled and I'm gonna attempt to fix it myself. I found the brake light switch, but am clueless as to where the right fuse is


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Just verifying that it is the tail lights that stay on and that it is not the brake lights that stay on? Do the lights glow more brightly when you depress the brake pedal? If not it is the brake lights.

If it is the brake lights, check that the brake light switch is OK .

Here's a link that may help

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I looked at it more and I think it's the brake lights. Will having Orielys hook it up to the computer give me answers?


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