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break lights are staying on and there's a green key flashing

A break lights are staying on and there's a green key flashing in the day I shot my 2700 accord

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What is the year model of the vehicle?

Are both brake lights permanently on or only on one side?

Please elaborate on "...in the day I shot my 2700 accord."? What do you mean by "shot" - do you mean with a firearm?


I suspect this is actually saying:"the brake light is staying on and there's a green key flashing on the dash of my 2007 Honda Accord". We need to hear like an electronic device. Think "dash of my" as <day I shot my> and "two thousand seven Honda" as <two thousand seven hundred>.


Ding ding ding, I think @billg66 gets today's award for "What the bloody h-e-double-hockey-sticks did that guy just say?" translation. Gotta love voice-to-text.


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Hello Albert,

It sounds like a problem with the immobilizer not being able to read the chip in your key. That's what is the flashing green key means. It would also be likely that the car won't start, although it might crank. This will probably involve getting the car to a Honda dealer at some point if this is the case. The problem is likely the immobilizer or the key or occasionally the ECM (computer) especially if it got wet recently. The ECM is under the dash and if the carpet gets wet, moisture can wick over to it. You should also check both battery terminals to make sure they're clean and tight. Since you haven't indicated there are starting issues, I wouldn't look at the main relay yet. You should make sure to have only the key to your vehicle on your set of keys there could be an interaction with the RFID chip in another key. The three units, Key, Immobilizer and ECM need to recognize each other, and generally only dealers can program this.

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What does it mean when the green light doesn't come on anymore ,but will crank?


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I recently had two brake lights staying on and the autostop not working (engine turning off when stopped in traffic whilst driving) on my Honda Civic ES sedan hybrid. In both cases it was due to a small plastic spacer being broken under the brake pedal switch. Take the plastic cover off in the driver's foot well under the steering wheel and it was easy to spot. I could have waited for a replacement part but decided a small bolt with a nut to hold it would do, and it works perfectly fine. It'll also never break again.

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