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Can I move my disabled iPod's logic board to a new iPod

So i have an old ipod touch gen 5 that ive had disabled for roughly 2 or 3 years because i forgot the password and since im not smart i kept trying till it was disabled. I dont think ive done a backup on it so i dont wanna use itunes to unlock it as id lose all the data that im trying to recover in the first place. So i was wondering, since my sister also has a gen 5, could i get somebody to take out the board on my ipod and put it in hers? If so, would the ipod still be disabled or would i be able to enter it again? All i want are my files cause they have serious emotional value to me. So in the case it works id just move all the files from the ipod into my computer and call it a day, thanks a lot in advance :D

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Once you disabled it that’s it. Restore needed so you’d lose everything. Apple security I’m afraid. Switching the board to another ipod wouldn’t do anything as it’s the board that’s disabled.

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Aight, thanks bro. Ill see what i can figure out then!


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Did you have or make a iCloud backup of it?

As that could have some of your data on it

If you log onto icloud.com using the same Apple ID that was on it you might be able to see if you have one

As far as unlocking it goes ,you might be able to take it to a apple shop and see what they can do but there’s no guarantees

You could replace the board in it but that won’t resolve the issue of it have your data on it as the replacement will not come with your data

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Alright thanks ill try to check some other day soon if i have a backup, if not ill take it to an apple store. Ill get back to you then :]



Sounds like a plan:-)


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