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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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MacBook not turning on, black screen, fan turning at full speed

My macbook 13" 2015 A1466 is not turning on, the fan is running at full speed and I have a black screen.
Any help on the step to find and fix the origin of the problem would be highly appreciated.

So far I've tried to reset SMC but it did not work.

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What happens when you try to enter into the onboard diagnostics? Restart your system and press the D key

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


Nothing more happens, if I start using D and the computer plugged the behavior is the same... Note : if not plugged, the computer often stops a few seconds after the start.


@orion3146 does the boot chime sound come up? Could be a bad thermal sensor. Disconnect your fan and try to power your MBA up. See if that changes the behavior. Don't run it without fan but it is okay to see if it changes the behavior.


@oldturkey03 I have tried what you mention : the MBA powers up with a black screen. I turned it off shortly after to avoid damage.

The boot chime is not audible.


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Best answer here is to locate someone local who has Mac repair experience as there is just too little here to help you. I would need the system so I could check the voltages on the logic board.

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