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Why isn’t the NFC option not showing up?

Hello. So i have NO idea whether or not im kinda dumb, or this is a legit problem, but i cannot find the NFC option on my A03s. I saw on multiple support sites that this phone has NFC, but i cant find the option in the connections section in the settings. Phone is completely up to date and runs android 11.

Either those sites were wrong, or my phone has something wrong with it.

Thank you for your time!

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If u don't have nfc on ur phone is there a app I can download to get it for apps like Google pay


I am having the same problem since last update and I know this galaxy a03 has nfc cause I have used tap pay before updating


Yes I have a Samsung galaxy a03s and I can't find it at all its not on my phone


I wanna know why to...


My son got this phone yesterday for that reason, only to be disappointed that he doesn't have the nfc feature. They should take it back


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What is the full model number of the phone?

In this link it states that the phone has NFC capability but it also shows that it is market/region dependent.

When searching online using the various model numbers of the phone shown in the link, the SM-A037F, SM-A037F/DS and SM-A037M models do not have NFC capability, but the SM-A037G and SM-A037U models do have NFC capability.

If your model is one of the first 3 mentioned then that's why you can't find it in Settings > Connections

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Mine is SM-A037U, still unable to find it. I just restarted the phone to see if it just wasn’t loading, nothing. I checked the “More Connection Settings” and still nothing.

Thank you very much for your time!


Hi @ what

Have you tried the method shown in this link?


@jayeff Yes i have and it’s literally not there at all


@ what

Just double checking that you also checked in Settings > About Phone that the model number is an SM-A037U? ;-)


@jayeff Mhmm! Im looking at it right now, Its definitely a SM-A037U


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Samsung tech support says NFC function is not available for this model. Samsung Galaxy ao3s model smao37u

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