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Repair guides for a large selection of Kodak digital and film cameras.

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Kodak pixpro fz43 dropped.

I recently dropped my camera recently on accident, though the camera didn't power off right away then; it did slowly start to break. It would randomly power off when I tried to take pictures, etc. Now it's completely broke, the lens is out and while I can turn it on still it will only turn on for a second and the lens won't retract back in. How do I fix this?

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Tried reviewing questions in the side bar? While not diy friendly for repair, either attempt disassembling on your own with help from ifixt tutorials or search for online help. There may be a youtube about it too. Damage can be anywhere from a broken connection to substantial damage in electronics that may need expert diagnosis from camera repair places.


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@mangroove_777 this "it will only turn on for a second and the lens won't retract back in." is common. Your camera will turn off if the lens can either not be retracted or extended. You want to check on that first. Follow these attempts and see if you are getting somewhere. If not, it is most likely you will need a new lens assembly.

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