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Motorola's Moto G Power 2021 edition was released on January 14. It features a 6.6" Max Vision HD+ (IPS) display, 48 megapixel triple camera system, and expandable microSD storage.

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Charging cord doesn't connect

When I plug it in to charge or connect to my car, the connection is very hard to get connected, I have to mess with it and set it just right or it won't connect. What can I do?

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either fluff or something in the port or its possibly damaged

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@treefarm if you find that the connector is actually damaged, you can replace the USB board (daughterboard). Something like this will work. Of course, check the connector coming from your charger first. Something like this video shows you how to get there. Careful on this model. The battery is glued in and a royal PITA to remove.

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