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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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I replaced battery and now the battery wont charge and device shuts of

I replaced my Ipad battery with an i Fix it battery and now the battery wont charge and the device shuts off after about 5 min of running.

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iPad batteries can be tricky. A little more information is necessary to diagnose this. What sort of charger are you using (wattage is important). You’ll want at least a 10 Watt charger. Just for point of reference, Wattage is the Voltage multiplied by the Amperage, so I at least a 5 Volt 2 Amp charger is required for most iPads. When you plug it in, does it indicate it’s charging, even if it’s not actually?

Depending on your answers to this I can think of a few things.


It does appear to be charging but does not. The charger is sufficient to charge the device thank you for your help.


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Did you separate the battery from the board before disconnecting the screens? Hopefully you did but you've probably damaged the battery connector on the board. If not done correctly you can bend or even break off the pins on the underside of the motherboard. Remove the motherboard and check the connections aren't damaged. If it charged OK before then this is the first place I'd look.

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A few things immediately come to mind. Firstly, it could be a bad replacement battery. It wouldn’t be the first conclusion I’d come to, but definitely a possibility.

More likely in my estimation, is that the battery connector may have been damaged during the replacement process. It’s pretty common for the battery data pins to get bent when you’re trying to isolate the battery from the logic board during the repair. I know may people put some kind of barrier between the battery and the boards to keep it from transmitting power to the board. This is a frequent issue in these circumstances. And causes weird battery behavior because information the battery is sending out, like how charged it is, is not making it to its destination.

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Hi there ,

May be your charger aren't charging or got damage

Kindly check your charger first

Thank you

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