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Where to find a spare click wheel?


I ripped the click wheel flex cable while putting it back in, and I can't find any replacement part anywhere. There are parts for any ipod nano except the 4th gen :(

I found a listing on alibaba but the seller told me it was not in stock anymore.

Do you have any clue on where to find some of these? Thank you very much !

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Unfortunately I can’t seem to find one ether

However I have a solution

If you can find one that isn’t working and dismantle it you could use it as a Donor for spare parts

Here’s a guide you will need

iPod Nano 4th Generation Click Wheel Replacement

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I already did, it ends up with a brock hold flex cable... and a broken click wheel x)

I sliced it on the side while removing it (next to the skip button), a track was broken resulting in an out of order click wheel :/



Possibly try messaging different suppliers:-)


@hellomacos I tried on aliexpress, every suppliers said they don't have any, maybe I should keep on trying :)



Try places like eBay and replace base

They might have some in the back:-)


@hellomacos I look often take a look but there are always 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen, 5 gen... NEVER 4TH GEN I AM LOOSING MY MIND X)


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