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Model Number A1707. Released June 2017, this MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to the 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz.

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Several things not working correctly after Battery Replacement

I did the battery replacement and now I have a few issues.

1) the far right of the touch bar does not illuminate, its essentially just the part where the siri button is, if I touch it, siri activates, but there is no illumination. I tried reseating the cables that I thought were related but no dice.

2) the right speaker has no tweeter now. I can still hear low end but there is no high end. This particular step made me super nervous when removing the cable on the right speaker (left side when working upside down) Is it possible to reflow the solder under this connector and see if that improves it?

3) the fan on the left side of the computer is blowing at 100% speed all the time now.

I tried resetting NVRAM and SMC (although I am not confident I actually reset anything). I am currently trying to drain the battery to 0% and let it sit for a few hours dead hopefully that maybe will reset the SMC.

Also with this amount of issues is it possible this is a software issue? Really hoping to be able to solve these issues as I don't really know where to take it in for repair.



Took the laptop in for repair to Mac Melrose where I am being told the reason the fan spins up to 100% is because the battery was replaced with a non-apple product, and that by putting in an apple branded battery at $715 it will fix all the problems. Why do I not believe them. Can anybody recommend a shop that can repair the actual problems with the laptop?

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@semaj4712 - Wow what a scam! And its not because of the battery.

You'll need to give us a clue where you live, can you give us your country and nearest major city, maybe we can aim you to a more trustworthy shop.


My apologies, I am located in Los Angeles. They followed up their estimate saying they feel that the best route for success is to replace the entire upper case, with the keyboard and touch panel and battery. If thats the best route then I will probably just take it back and trouble shoot it myself.


I would take it to an Apple Store at this point


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Thats a lot of dissimilar issues!

  1. It sounds like the Touch Bar got overstressed as you lifted the battery. Did you have something on your desk surface that sat just below where the Touch Bar was resting as you where pressing down on the case?
  2. It does sound like you damaged the right speaker cable and/or the logic board connection. At this point I would need to see a set of pictures to better understand things.
  3. The left side fan running at full speed running at a high RPM could be because the right side fan is not working (is it spinning at all) or the left fan's tachometer is damaged. At this point you need something to see what is happening within the systems SMC heat management system. I would recommend installing this app TG Pro. You will need the full version to get the diagnostic function. Post a snapshot of the apps main window, make sure you capture all of the sensors you may need to scroll down to get the last ones in a second image.

Sadly these are all physical defects not software.

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As the instructions stated I had a piece of tinfoil between the screen and the keyboard, and also a microfiber towel, but not all the way in as to damage the hinge system, just under where the trackpad is. Is the touchbar replaceable? I am pretty much ready to take the computer as is to a local apple certified repair center and see what it would cost to make it good again, probably what I should have done in the first place.


@semaj4712 - I think that's the smart move getting someone else to help you.


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