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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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Joy-Con (R), bent pin in bottom ZIF ribbon cable connector

I replaced the ribbon cable in my right joycon. In the process, I damaged the bottom ZIF connector where the ribbon cable attaches.

I could still attach the cable, and the joycon did work. However it failed to detect that it was connected directly to the Switch. The controller would charge, but it showed up as detached.

On closer inspection one of the pins in the ZIF connector was clearly bent.

Block Image

I was able to manually bend the pin down. While it's still bendy compared to the other ones, it isn't sticking up anymore. After re-assembling the joycon, it detects being attached to the Switch, and everything appears operational.

Two questions:

1) Is there any way to replace the ZIF connector?

2) Is it dangerous to use the joycon with a bent pin like that?

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Hi sandboks,

It's a little hard to find good enough photos of the connector, but as best I can tell it appears to be a surface mount connector. The pins are at the edge of the connector and run underneath, so for me, who I rate at a medium skill level for soldering, it would be a slight challenge. Mind you, I'd give it a try if it was mine, but it is going to take a bit of skill to pull off successfully.

The connector itself doesn't seem to be too hard to find; they came up on AliExpress, eBay and several other sites when I did a search. Here's a representative listing from AliExpress.

Jcd 2pcs Fpc Connector For Nintend Switch Ns Joy Con Pcb Board Flex Cable Connector Socket Clip Spare Parts - Accessories - AliExpress

For me personally, I wouldn't think there would be any real danger of problems with using it as is. Since that connector isn't disconnected and reconnected under normal use, as long as it is working correctly once you've locked it down I'd be tempted to call it good and leave it alone. As you've found, the pin in question seems to tell the Switch that the joycon is connected, so it does change dynamically; what I'm saying is that even if the pin ends up with an intermittent connection the signal changes under normal use so there shouldn't be any danger of damage from it not making a good connection.

So yeah, I say straighten it as best you can, make sure it's working the way it should, and enjoy!

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Thanks for the input. I'll keep using it as is.


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