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I broke a resistor, how can I repair this? What is the resistor #?

I have a broken resistor. Why is the resistor part to search for? Stupid question, but can I just solder the broken pieces together?

Block Image

Block Image

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51 ohm ±5% tolerance 1/8 watt

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Hi @mdoor,

To add to the answer.

No you cannot solder the pieces back together again.

It will need to be replaced.

@harinderdivine has provided the specifications


Thank you! How do you know it is 1/8 watt? I can read everything else and understand the 51 ohm 5% based on colouring now, reading it as a four band resistor.







Wattage is based on the size of the resistor. The greater the physical size of the resistor the more heat (wattage) it can withstand before burning out.

So you can have 51 Ohm resistors with varying wattages depending on what current they're expected to carry, therefore what voltage is dropped across them - Ohm's Law P=I²R Wattage (P) = Current (I)² x resistance (R)

The 1/8W resistor is seen on the far right, then R-L = 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W etc

When ordering they should give available wattage types.

If not use a 1/4W as long as it physically fits the space. You may have to bend the leads to get it in though


Get some desoldering braid to clean the holes.


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