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The final generation of the Buick Century was released in late 1996 for the 1997 model year.

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Why won't the check engine light go off

I have a 2001 Buick park avenue and the check engine light refuses to go off no matter what I do sometimes it goes off until I turn the car off and back on then it comes back on I need to get it emissioned but can't with the check engine light on PLEASE HELP

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@mysamsung0 you will have to get the OBD scanned to determine what is creating the error. Until you do that and fix whatever needs to be fixing, it will not turn off.

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Hi Wendy, I agree; there's a problem with your car that the check engine light is trying to tell you about, but you do need a scanner to be able to read that information from the car. All cars made since 1996 have a connector built into them that you plug a scanner into.

The good news here is that most auto parts stores will bring their own scanner out to your car and scan the codes for free.

So if you can do that then come back and add the codes to your question, I'm sure we can help.


Have already done all that I even went and bought my own machine


@mysamsung0 that is awesome. Did it give you any codes? which ones?


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Hi Wendy,

My dad, a former Buick dealership mechanic taught me this neat little trick to reset your electrical system. It has fixed many little issues, and should turn off the check engine light. Unless, of course, there is something that is causing a code to come up, in which case, check your engine.

Try this.

1) From engine off position turn the key so the full battery comes on (stereo should come on, but don't start the car).

2) Floor the gas pedal 5 times, all the way down, quickly.

3) Turn key to off position.

4) Start the car right away.

Hope this helps!

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