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The Galaxy A12 is a low-end slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in November 2020 as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A11. Identifiable by model number SM-A125 (followed by version/carrier-specific character.

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I changed both screens now I get ghost touching and calling , textslf.

I replaced both of the screens on my samsung A 12.shortly after it started freaking out.the screen would flicker, jumps from app to app.messaging , calling by itself.bit it didn't do it when I get to work but when I get home it starts freaking out again.i have checked the up dates.rebooted it.every thing I could think of except factory reset. Can any one help

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@abreazzeal contact the seller of the screen and get a replacement. "Ghost touching" etc. is common for bad replacement screen/digitizer. BTW explain the "both of the screens". Your LCD and digitizer should be one assembly.

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