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Is this a possible ram issue or hitting display?

Block Image

Block Image

The logic board was replaced a while back and something like this was displayed back then, but I read somewhere that it was a ram issue. Thought it was fixed, but recently have been using the Powerbook to scan with an old Epson Profection 2450 Photo scanner, preferring the old scanner driver. The display is close to the door of the scanner and I bumped the display and all of a sudden it suffered from the dreaded first image. I pulled out the memory and exchanged the different ram with the bottom and top and shows the 2nd image.

Exchanged ram from an older Powerbook g4 1ghz and still is displaying the 2nd image.

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Does it do the same thing when connected to an external display?




I connected it to an old Apple Studio Display (17" LCD) and it seemed kinda blank. The issue is that seems that the 2nd monitor is set to extend the monitor vs mirroring 😭.


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@joji22 looks to me like you really answered your own question already "Exchanged ram from an older Powerbook g4 1ghz and still is displaying the 2nd image." looks like it is a display issue. Since this all started with "bumped the display" I suggest you disassemble it and take a look at the connector/connection and cables. Make sure that everything is seated properly and no bend/corroded/or scorched pins. It may of course be possible that this was just coincidental. Connect an external display to your PowerBook and see what that displays. Use the guides from here PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.5-1.67 GHz to work on it.

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