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DiskUtility doesn't read new SSD with adapter


I have A1466, with motherboard 820-3437-B.

I tried to install a new SSD for more Storage, but the disk utility doesn't read anything (tried with "utildisk list" too), I used 2 different SSDs:

I tried even more adapters:

I get the same results with different products, i have to specify that the old (original SSD) is still functioning, and when I plug it the disk utility recognize it immediatly.

I even tryed with an USB adapter, and with that it WORKS, I mean from disk utility I initialized the disk and even installed the macOS, which works perfectly fine with the USB adapter.

Anyone knows how and why my motherboard doesn't read the "adapter/ssd"?


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What is the OS-X/macOS you have on your current drive and how are you trying to setup the drive from within Internet recovery?


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First you are trying to use a M.2 SSD with an adapter as Apple SSD are custom to them. These SSD’s and adapters have issues!

I would use the proper SSD or use one that has been designed from the ground up like either OWC or Transcend drives.

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well of course that was the easiest way, but it costs a lot, i checked online and a lot of people didn't have any problem with the adapter, but i don't get why mine doesnt work


wow leggion - Again, how are you trying to setup the drive, what is your system’s OS version?

Sometimes going cheap is more expensive in the long haul, I’ve pulled out quite a few of these as they don’t hold up.


the recovery system OS is OS X Maverick


Then you are fighting the older file system (HFS+) vs the newer file system the system is expecting (APFS).

You can’t use Mavericks as it doesn’t know how to boot up under APFS which is how you setup the SSD.


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