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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H is a gaming laptop that is a part of the Lenovo Legion series, specifically a part of the pro series line. This is a generation 6 laptop (2021) with model number 82JQ00QYUS.

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Legion 5 Pro Will not power on.

I have a Legion 5 Pro that will not power on, at one point it had the keyboard backlight on but the heatsink fans would pulse then stop. Some parts of the board get hot and a chip between the wifi card and ssd appears to be damaged, at location PQ3001. Does anyone know what that chip is or what could have caused it to get damaged?

Block Image

Update (05/08/23)

Here is an image of it

Block Image

Update (07/17/23)

Block Image

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Hi @Tim Dario, I have a Lenovo with burnt mosfet at pq3001. Did you manage to get your motherboard fixed?


@shawnleelz87 I repaired the mosfet, however the board does still not power on. It should also be mentioned that this may only be the case for my board and that mosfet may be all you need.


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It may be worthwhile to consider purchasing the schematics for the laptop.

It will show you what the component is and also you can determine what it does in the circuit, so that you can find out why it was damaged.

Please verify the motherboard's board number (should be on motherboard somewhere) with what is shown in the link, in case I Iinked the wrong one.

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Tim Dario that is a 30V N-Channel MOSFET in a DFN 3x3 EP package. What makes you think it is damaged?


@oldturkey03 The reasoning as to why I think its damaged is the fact that there appears to be a hole in the chip, not very deep but noticable.


Tim Dario is it a hole or a divot to the corner of the IC? Pin 1 is marked with something like that.


@oldturkey03 It is a divot in the middle of the chip with the areas around it risen up and darkened


@Tim Dario

Still reckon the best option is to get the schematics.

They will help you to find out why this happened.


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