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Repair guides and disassembly information for Samsung's premium foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold3, released alongside the Flip3 in August 2021.

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Samsung Fold 4 Frame Damaged and Will Not Fully Open

The phone was dropped and landed on the bottom corner where the hinge is located. The affected area's side will not fully open and feels stuck when attempted. I can only half open the fold.

I viewed teardown videos but I am not confident that opening the front LCD will reveal the affected area and that I can fix it.

Does anyone have tips or might have an answer on how to fix this?

Block Image

Block Image

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It looks like there is a small dent that is preventing the phone from opening completely. Does removing the panel and the front screen help with the opening?


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u need to contact customer support and use that warranty Cuz that's a phone replacement at the cost of the phone repair.

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