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A USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is a common type of cable used to connect devices such as computers, smartphones, printers, cameras, and other electronics. It is designed to transfer data and power between devices, and is often used for charging devices as well.

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Monitor Says No HDMI Signal But Laptop Says Its Connected?

Hey guys,

I bought a Dell S2721QS monitor to hook up with my laptop which is an Acer A515-46-R14K running Windows 11.

I connected the laptop to the monitor using the HDMI cable that came with the monitor...the laptop showed the second display in display settings and everything seemed good on the laptops side. However the monitor said No HDMI Signal from HDMI 1/2. I switched the ports and got the same issue. I installed drivers etc and still nothing.

I tried another cable and this one "worked" but every 15-20 seconds or so the signal would drop and the monitor goes black then comes back up. So I tried another cable which was an Amazon basics cable and got the same issue of signal loss every 15-20 seconds or so.

I had one more cable remaining to test im not sure of the brand etc it just says HDMI on the end. When i connected this one it just worked and its works really well. Im getting the 4K @60Hz too.

What im really asking is why/what would cause this issue?
Why some cables work and some don't.

And would anyone be able to tell me if this cable will work: https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Certifi...

Block Image

Funny things is my friends also have Acer laptops (different models-older) but they have Windows 10 and the monitor works fine with any cable on their laptops.

Not sure whats going on here.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I would suspect a loose connection of some sort, probably with the other two cables. It could also be a different HDMI standard being used on the monitor that isn't supported by the older cables.

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Hey thanks.

But the other cables worked fine with my friends laptop.

So its a bit difficult for me to tell what cable to buy (the one im using right now is a borrowed). But i do know that both the Laptop and the monitor use HDMI 2.0


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