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The Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 is a semi-rugged laptop designed to be dust, spill, and drop resistant. It is intended for professionals on the move and it was first introduced in 2011. It is a very modular in design allowing for easy replacement of damaged parts making some repairs extremely simple.

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Battery Not Charging and Computer Won't Run on AC Power

just bought a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 a while ago, and while it's working well enough so far, as a couple hours ago the battery has mysteriously stopped charging.

When I plug the adapter in, the battery light turns yellow, then starts flashing red about thirty seconds later. I have no clue why it does this, the most intuitive answer I can think of is that the battery died, but I have no idea why it would die so suddenly.

It was on something like 14% charge and charging while plugged in last I checked, but now ot just won't work, and since the computer can't seem to run on AC power alone that means it's bricked until I can figure out how to fix it.

The only thing of note that I can think of that happened before the battery failed is that I was playing AdventureQuest that seemed to cause the computer's fan to start running really hard. The game isn't particularly graphically intensive though so I can't see why that would do this to the battery

Any advice?

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Did you take the battery out when you tried just using the charger?


@aactech I did, yes. The computer won't turn on at all when the battery isn't inside, even when the AC is plugged in.

With the battery inside it will boot briefly but then immediately shut down


I am having the same issue with mine tonight. Were you able to find out what was causing it? Is it needing a battery replacement?


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@zennistrad "Refurbished" by who??? I wonder how thorough?

Amber light indicates charging and flashing red is either the battery itself or the charging circuit is defective.

During "With the battery inside it will boot briefly but then immediately shut down" does the fan come on at all? Change speed?

If the fan speeds up you could try checking the heat paste on the CPU - too much, too little or too old paste could cause heat problems.

Some battery trouble shooting:


Tear down:


Try unplugging hard drive, WiFi card, etc. to eliminate a defective part as cause of problem.

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@aactech The refurbisher was a store on Amazon that had generally positive reviews. I didn't notice anything unusual with the fan during the boot-up when trying to plug it in, so it's unlikely that it's still overheating.

I have a new battery arriving next Wednesday, but I'm wondering if it may actually be some issue with the charging circuit's connection to the motherboard.


@zennistrad Yes could be. Let us know if the new battery makes any difference.


@aactech The new battery appears to have fixed the charging issue completely! I was worried for a moment that I might have to replace the motherboard, the fact that the computer would not work at all on AC power with no battery was worrying


@zennistrad Well done. Awesome! It is very rare, in my experience, for motherboards to be the problem unless spilt liquid or extreme overheating.


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