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Google's third-generation Pixel-branded smartphone, and their first "notched" phone. Comes with a 6.3" QHD+ OLED display and 64 or 128 GB of storage. Available in Nearly White, Just Black, or Not Pink.

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Screen Stopped Sensing Touch A Few Minutes After Battery Replacement

So I just performed a battery replaced and glued everything back together again. Put on the charger and charged from 0% to 100%. The digitizer, all buttons, and the fingerprint reader are working but a few minutes later the touch sensor in the screen started to fail (first the upper middle so I rebooted it thinking that would fix it then it most of the screen - can't put in my PIN, and finally almost nothing working except a small spot at the top) until eventually, no part of the touch screen was working anymore.

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It's gotten even worse. The screen won't even turn on now!


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Hi Cedric,

This is an odd coincidence, considering there's no reason to disconnect the display when changing a battery. Did you use isopropyl alcohol to loosen the charging coil? That shouldn't be an issue unless you somehow flooded the entire inside of the phone and it leaked through to the display. Even then, worst case it would have caused some edge bleed on the LCD, but it wouldn't have damaged the digitizer even if it got in there.

Assuming you don't have a sudden screen failure, my guess would be that the display cable got jostled in the process of replacing the battery and isn't seated correctly now.

If it was my phone, I would open it back up and check the display cable. Unplug it (after unplugging the battery, of course) and reseat it.

Block Image

Reconnect the battery and turn it on and see if it's working again.

If that doesn't do the job, come back and update your question with the results and we'll go from there in trying to help you get your phone going again.

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I opened the device and the display cable was firmly seated. I unplugged the battery, unplugged and replugged the display cable, and replugged the battery and it still isn't working. Thanks for trying to help me. Is there anything else I can try?


Well crap, I was hoping this might be easy, but no such luck. You might grab a magnifying glass and a bright light and check the pins on the display connector, both the one mounted on the board and the one on the cable. If you find any that are bent, you may be able to straighten them with some fine tip tweezers. Also check the cable for any damage, although the way it's mounted under the cover means it shouldn't be susceptible to getting run into when opening the case.

I've seen cases where components got knocked off while prying on connectors, but there really don't seem to be any mounted close to the battery and charging coil sockets. Check to be sure; it can't hurt.

Other than that, I'm running low on ideas. I hesitate to suggest replacing the screen, but I can't think of anything else that would cause those kind of problems.


The pins are in perfect rows on the display connector on the motherboard and the one on the cable. I think you're right about the screen straight-up being dead. The price of replacing the screen would be almost as much as buying a used phone and still not guarantee that the phone would work. Should I just buy a used phone instead? Thanks for trying to help me out, all your suggestions were great and probably would have worked in most cases. This seems like one of those freak cases.


Cedric - please see the Pixel 6 battery replacement guide which clearly requires a display removal to change the battery


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