Lenovo Tab m8 HD screen backlight issue. Backlight not turing on


I replaced the screen recently on my Lenovo Tab m8 HD and now when I turn it on, or do a forced restart by holding down the power button, the backlight turns on for a millisecond and I can see the Lenovo logo but then the backlight turns off. I can see the icons and everything when I hold a flashlight close to the screen so issue is the backlight. I replaced the old shattered screen back and it does the same with that one as well. So I am not sure if the ribbon cable got damaged during replacing the screen or is it a problem on the motherboard with the inverter circuit. Help needed.

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Did you disconnect the battery before working on the screen? Sounds like you've blown a backlight filter.


@strongbow. Yes I did. I managed to find the fuse on the board and it was working fine. Then I tried cleaning the flex cable with alcohol and also mechanically and that did the trick. So it was probably a contact on the flex cable.


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