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Released April 2019, identified by model numbers SM-A205F/DS, G, G/DS, GN, GN/DS, U, U1, W, YN.

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Galaxy A20 won't turn on properly

I've had the phone for a while, today it just won't power on. I let it charge for about an hour, held both Vol Up + Power & Vol Down + Power several times, nothing worked. When plugged in, the charging icon will appear and stay that way until I unplug it. Checked out the charging port, it's in good condition.

I'm thinking about taking it to a third-party store to get it fixed but this website caught my eye and I'm seeking assistance from anyone here before I take it somewhere.

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Hi @versedquartz

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?

Here's the power on troubleshooting flowchart from the service manual that may help.

Block Image

(click on image)

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