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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Android smartphone. Released in August of 2020.

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Replace Mic Board, now phone wont charge. Note 20 Ultra 5G

Note 20 Ultra 5G. The Mic stopped working so I got a replacement part. It works perfectly but now the phone keeps giving me an overheat warning when I charge and it stops charging. If I put the old mic card back, it charges fine. If I unplug the big ribbon cable on the new mic board, it charges fine. I am guessing something is not good with the new part, how do I get a reputable or genuine part? Samsung repair centre here wont sell me one.

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you need to use a genuine board or it will show these issues, don't buy any copies. what country are you in and i could possibly find 1 for you

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Thanks, I have since figured that out. The original item is a Gin Tai, I have found one on Amazon and it is being shipped. Thanks for your willingness to assist.


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