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Service and repair information for the third generation of Lenovo's popular 14-inch business laptop, sold in both Intel and AMD Ryzen configurations. First available in 2022.

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Battery parts number for 39.3whr and 52.5whr

what is the battery part number for this laptop? The 39.3Whr and 52.5Whr?

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Here are the Lenovo part numbers for all of the batteries that are compatible with the laptop

T14 Gen 3 Type 21AH & Type 21AJ

52.5Wh 4 cell battery - part numbers

5B10W51866, 5B10W51865, 5B10W51867, 5B10W51863

T14 Gen 3 Type 21AH & Type 21AJ

39.3Wh 3 cell battery - part numbers

5B10W51862, 5B10W51860, 5B10W51864, 5B10W51861

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.61 & p.66 to view the procedure to safely remove the battery from the laptop.

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The answer by @jayeff does not point to parts on iFixit that are compatible for a T14 Gen 3 battery. When I searched for the part numbers above, I got to this part, which is not compatible.

Lenovo 02DL011 Battery

I'll be returning this.

Lenovo 02DL011 Battery Изображение


Lenovo 02DL011 Battery


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Hi @stevenesbitt,

Just so you know that they are "Lenovo part numbers" for the battery and not the actual battery model number as used by the battery manufacturer. Lenovo doesn't make batteries but has them made to order by battery manufacturers

Part numbers and model numbers can be different, yet the battery is compatible


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