MacBook butterfly key won't click back on properly

I popped off my \ | key. When I went to put the key back on, it did fully click back to the board. However, it lays completely flat and does not click. Even worse, it will input a \ every few seconds. The only way it will work "properly" is if I only have two of the four corners down- doesn't matter which ones, and a small piece of paper in the middle of the key to trigger the function. And this does work... It's just pretty ugly and the key is only halfway on.

I've tried squeezing the C clips tighter and that does nothing to fix the problem. I've had problems with this keyboard since I got it, but never this. Is there a way to fix this easily, or am I stuck with a halfway on key?

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Did you make sure to align it properly

They can appear to click in place but it could be that it has misaligned by a bit




Hi! I've tried to take off and put on the key like at least ten times so I feel like I did? It looks aligned.. I'll keep trying though..

Thank you for your reply!



also,it might be worth checking for any broken mounting points on the mechanism

These butterfly switches are very fragile and break easily;-{


I will check again! Yes they are very fragile, thankfully I plan on getting a newer model without butterfly switches soon. Thank you!


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