Phone works but screen is black and touchscreen no work

My phone was recently submerged in water several weeks ago, it was put in rice.

After several times of being in rice, water droplets that were in rear and front camera disappeared, but when I was using a paperclip to remove rice grains from headphone jack they reappeared, also a blue line on the screen from headphone jack to speaker assembly appeared.

I then removed all rice but problem happened.

Touchscreen wouldn't work. The screen eventually turned pitch black, but everything else on the phone would work, if I did two chopping motions the flashlight would turn on, sound worked.

I then disassembled my phone and the tape that changes color to indicate water damage, wasn't the color that indicates water damage.

Water was in the camera covers, not the camera itself.

I successfully disassembled my phone, three stripped screws prevented me from removing the speaker assembly cover, but it was fine because no water was present there anyway.

I reassembled the phone, and it would turn on just fine but again screen is black and no touchscreen ability.

I can not turn it all the way off, or sign in.

This morning I couldn't turn the alarm on it off, so I just let it play, hopefully letting it drain it's battery so it will turn off.

I have a new Moto g power, but I couldn't transfer my data wirelessly from my previous phone because both phones need to on and verify each other's code to transfer successfully.

Also to be able to access the screen from a repair standpoint the speaker assembly has to be removed, which I could not do.

I'm thinking that the display for pixels or whatever is malfunctioning, and the electronics for touchscreen is as well.

Touch screen didn't work even when it displayed normally with a blue stripe.

I followed a YouTube video on how to disassemble it fyi, I did it successfully.

I didn't cause any new problems. I removed the water by disassembling it.

The phone would even vibrate when my finger grazed the fingerprint sensor.

It would say hello Moto when powering on.

It would also vibrate when I got a notification on my new phone, what should I do? I can not just restart it because I have to tap the power button on the screen, this is a new problem.

Before I was able to just hold power button, but now that won't work.

Like the power button works, but I think it's a ui thing where I would have to hold it then select one of the three options it would give me on the screen display.

I want to be able to at least transfer data from that phone to this without using my online account because that didn't give me everything.

Also my old phone had numerous scientific names for various species saved to it's personal dictionary for easy text access.

That took awhile.

I imagine if I disassembled it to the point I got to before it would lower repair costs? I didn't use a heatgun to remove the adhesive that held the back cover on btw.

I slowly but surely and carefully pryed it with swiss army knife.

I know that sounds bad but I knew what I was doing in retrospect.

So what can I Do?

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