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The Samsung Galaxy A20 was released in April 2019. It has a screen display of 6.4 inches, with a dual camera on the back.

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SM-A205U - How do I replace the USB port?

I have a Samsung Galaxy A20, model SM-A205U, that the usb-c cable does not stay in. How do I replace the port?

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Hi Steven,

Fortunately, replacing the charging port on your phone isn't too bad of a job; it's on a small separate board from the motherboard, so it's just a matter of opening it up, swapping out the board and presto, you've got a brand new charging port!

Sorry that iFixit doesn't have a guide for that, but there's a French site called SOSav that does. Here you go.

Charging connector Galaxy a20 repair - Free guide - SOSav

You can pick up the part from several places; I usually check Amazon, eBay and AliExpress, myself. Here's one of the first ones that came up on a quick search.

Amazon.com: Bestdealing Galaxy A20 USB Charging Port Flex Cable Replacement SM-A205U Type C Charger Dock Board Flex Cable Connector for Samsung A20 A205U Port Flex Cable Repair Part with Tools Only for A20 USA : Cell Phones & Accessories

As you can see, it'll only cost you about $10 USD to fix your phone. Don't forget to replace the rear cover adhesive when you go to put it back together! Pro tip: Buy a couple when you order the precut adhesive sheet; they're all too easy to mess up and if you do then you've got to wait while you reorder until you can finish reassembling your phone. Trust me, I speak from experience!

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@sernst and while you do the repair, create a iFixit guide for the rest of us. It's easy and definitely needed https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new


C type data cable is not supported because USB port in not working


Rajat, see my answer above; if you've tried different chargers and cords and cleaned the port, then it's probably time to replace it.


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