[A53] Galaxy A53 system says sim disconnected for 5 minutes


I've got about a week ago a A53 with the problem that the screen was cracked because the dog has bitten into the phone. There are tooth marks at the bottom of the phone, where the bottom speaker is located. No marks on the bottom speaker itself.

So i told my customer that the screen has to be replaced and the customer agreed on that.

So i ordered an original service pack Display for that phone and everything looked fine so i gave the phone to the customer. ( i had no way to test the sim because the customer took it out)

2 days later the customer came back with the issue that the sim doesn't get recognized after the repair, so i stold the customer that he could leave the phone and we will take a look.

Now a week later of searching and testing i still face the same problem with the phone and i don't know what to do anymore.

The problem:

The simcard is in the phone, it reads the sim but then it says it has been removed and that goes for like every 10-20 seconds until it hits 5 minutes or so. Then it does not recognize the sim card anymore, only when i restart the phone. (the phone charges normally)

What i have tried:

  • I ordered a new usb c charge connector board because the sim reader is on there. It has the same issue.
  • Tried the phone without coax cables, no effect. ( didn't think it would work but always worth a try)
  • Resetting the network settings, cleared the phone cache and tried safe mode.

I cannot find anything similair on the internet unfortunately. Has anyone ran into this issue before with a different Galaxy or has any clue?

Best regards,


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