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How to fix userspace watchdog timeout problem?

After I upgraded to 16.1, I used it for a period of time without any problems, and then it started to crash and restart, once every 40 minutes on average. Then it was updated to 16.2, and there was no problem for a while, and then it restarted frequently. May I ask you guys how to solve this problem?Thanks a lot!

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This seems to be an issue that has cropped up a lot with iOS 16. I've seen a few posts here and lots in other places. In my experience it's a software problem. The resolution that appears to be working for most people is to do a factory reset of the phone and then restore your device from backup if you have one.

I recommend doing this via iTunes since it will be a fresh copy of the OS, rather than reinstalling a potentially buggy one already on your phone. Or if the issue is intermittent enough wait for Apple to fix it with an update.

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Thank you for answering! Because it restarts almost every half hour, the backup was interrupted halfway through and could not be completed. So I want to ask is there any quick backup method? Also, are you talking about reinstalling the system through itunes? Thanks!


@marshallmts Yes. Restore through itunes. You can also try doing an update, but the posts I have seen have not mentioned success without a full restore.

As far as backup, it depends on what you're trying to back up and where. An iCloud backup should theoretically pick up where it left off of it wasn't completed. But if you're having issues with it completing I might look into backing up individual components elsewhere. Use Google photos or iCloud photos where the backup isn't reliant on completion of an entire process and can be picked up as it goes. If photos isn't your main storage piece, I would try offloading documents piece by piece. Or do a backup via iTunes. Although depending on the amount of data needing backup that could exceed half an hour.


@flannelist I'll try these methods, thanks!


@flannelist May I ask you one more question? Now that Apple has gives me a new 16.2 system, can I go to update and see if the problem can be solved?


@marshallmts Absolutely. I'll be curious to know if it resolved the problem.


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