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Выпущен 16 сентября 2016 года. Модель 1660, 1778. Стандарты связи GSM или CDMA. Память 32, 128 или 256 ГБ. Цвета: розовое золото, золотой, серебристый, черный и глянцевый черный.

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Net recorded videos won’t unmute

Lately when I’ve recorded any new video, from any app on my phone, the video will play back without the sound. The mute button is grey instead of blue and won’t unmute when pushed. The mic still works for old videos and everything else. I’ve tried all the tips I’ve found, nothing works. Thoughts?

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Your phone actually has four microphones and can theoretically select between them for the best audio pickup and noise cancellation. That being said, however, the two bottom microphones are primarily used when recording voice memos or making phone calls. The front one by the earpiece speaker is mostly for noise cancellation, and the one on the rear is the main one for making video recordings. It sounds to me like that rear microphone is having issues for some reason.

It's always best to try software solutions first before throwing hardware at a problem. Here's a page describing some of the fixes possible for microphone problems on your phone.

iPhone 7 Microphone Not Working 2023

BTW, no, don't download their software.

It's also possible the microphone on your phone has failed. If that's the case, it is possible to replace it; it's mounted on the same flex cable as the flash and switch/buttons. Here's the guide that shows how to do the job.

iPhone 7 Power and Volume Control Cable Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Hopefully something in here helps; let us know what you find.

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