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2010 MacBook Pro does not chime and has no display on startup.

I was using my laptop as normally a few days ago. I had the display at low brightness and the volume turned off (not sure if this has something to do with it).

I let the computer run out of battery. When I charged it overnight, the indicator on the side said it was full but when I went to power it on, nothing showed on the display and I could not hear a chime. I did hear the fans spin and the disk drive made a noise but that was it.

I also have the disk partitioned so sometimes when it restarts it boots into a blank screen that says something like "no bootable drive found" but normally I can avoid that by pressing option and selecting my drive. Is there a common fix for this?

I have tried plugging it into an external display but there was no output. I have also let it run out completely from the fans spinning and charged it again, but it still has not made a difference.

I did change the battery, but that was in September and it has been working fine since then.

Fix: I left my computer alone for a week or so and I tried resetting the pram. I pressed the power button while hold command option p and r and I heard the chimes. After the display booted back on, I realized it was booting into my second partition of windows, which is extremely glitchy. Once I tried to boot it into mac, it worked fine.

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Let’s give this a try, disconnect the battery following this guide MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Battery Replacement stopping at Step 4. Then with nothing connected press and hold the power button for a good 15 secs. Carefully reconnect the battery and try starting the system again. Did that work?

Update (12/26/2022)

Sadly, this looks like something deeper in the logic board.

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I will try it after Christmas, thanks.


Hi @danj I tried what you suggested but the issue is still there. When I press the power button, the light on the front of the computer turns on, but turns off again once I release it. Could it be the gpu or another large issue or could it be software related?


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