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A 20" monitor released in March 2012 by Acer, model S200HL

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Why does the LCD screen flicker and randomly turn into a black screen?

At random intervals the screen flickers especially when the CPU usage is above about 35% and sometimes it turns black. 2 seconds later, the screen comes back to life while flickering a lot and CPU usage jumps to about 50%. It also could cause the CPU to crash with a either, Blue screen of death, or a screen that is purple and blue at the bottom of the screen and a black screen at the top. The error message is also glitched out.

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What is the model number of the PC that the monitor is connected to?

Monitors are dumb, they only do what they're told, so it would be unusual for it to cause BSOD etc.

If Windows is the installed OS, try running the PC in safe mode and check if the problem still occurs.

Also check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that may be logged at the time of the problems to see if they give any clues as to what is happening.


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I tend to think that the problem may be with your graphics card (If you have one) or with the motherboard if you are using integrated graphics. One sign of a failing graphics card is random "crashes", where the screen goes black, and can come back on. They can also cause Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). If your card is older this is very likely. A thermal issue with the card can cause this. You mention high CPU utilization, which would make me suspect high GPU utilization as well on a discrete card, and even more of an issue if it is integrated graphics in use.

It is possible that the monitor itself is failing. It could be failing backlights on your monitor; a quick check is to shine a bright flashlight at the monitor when it goes black If there is still a dim image where the light hits the screen, you know the backlights or their power supply are probably bad. It pretty much eliminates your system as the problem.

I would do some of the checks below next. I'm answering mainly from the perspective of a desktop system,

A quick test to see if it is your system or monitor would be to borrow another known good monitor, or another known good one of of your own if you have one, and connect it to the computer in place of this one. If the problem reoccurs, then you can be pretty safe in figuring it is the computer (or cable), rather than the monitor. As jayeff said, monitors are dumb devices and they are very unlikely to be able to cause BSOD.

Also swap cables with a known good one, the problem may be a failing cable. See if the problem persists. If it goes away you know it was the cable.

If you have a discrete graphics card, also see if you can swap ports on the card. If your monitor has multiple available imputs you can try other feeds like DVI or Display Port, to see if the problem persists. It is possible for a port on the card to go bad. Not sure that your monitor is new enough to have USB-C as an available input.

Another thing that can cause erratic operation is a failing system power supply. Again, if there is an association with high CPU usage, that could be another cause.

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The GPU usage is also at 0% to 10% most of the time (I'm using integrated graphics) and I just replaced the power supply. It still crashes randomly although no more flickering. I'm also using a VGA cable that's roughly 2 years old and there's no image when shining flashlight. Could it be the VGA cable or most likely as my computer is 5 years old, the integrated graphics on the motherboard are failing. Does that mean I have to get another motherboard and possibly have to also get a new CPU as I can't find a motherboard for the i3-6300 CPU?


@Rex2021 C I'd try swapping cables first. Then I think you should try another monitor hooked up the same way next and see if the problem goes away. Since the flickering went away but you say its still crashing, you might try a clean install of your OS. That's a bit of a pain if you are using an older version of software. Also make sure your memory is well seated in its sockets.. Replacing the power supply was a good move. They make so many unusual problems when they go bad.

I mean no insult by my next comment, just making sure we aren't talking past each other. You say you're using VGA. VGA ports are smaller, and have 15 pins in 3 rows of 5 staggered with a trapezoidal shape to the connector, and colored blue.

Your processor is from 2015, so a motherboard is only going to be a used one. Intel integrated graphics from that time are apparently finicky too, sorry to say. Many apparently will only allow the VGA output to operate unless you do some tweaking in the BIOS on startup.

Hope this helps!


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