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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Is the Apple Watch S4 GPS display interchangeable with S4 LTE?

Hi I'm trying to repair an Apple Watch Series 4 LTE i got and I'm looking for other apple Watch for parts to get a screen and battery from as they're generally cheaper to get and usually use other parts for future devices, the question on the table is if I can use a Series 4 GPS only Display on an LTE+GPS because there are more GPS only watches readily available, appreciate your answer.

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Josmer Suero, The screens are unfortunately not interchangeable. You can connect (afaik) the GPS version screen on an LTE watch, but because of the LTE uses radio technology that is only found on the LTE version of the screen, you loose the LTE functionality.

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And how would it lose the functionality, is it embedded on the screen? Could it be soldered back in if so?


The SoC module has the logic. The display has the filters and antenna. So there is no way to goose the watch to something it can’t offer.


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