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Is there a way to fix the headphone jack?

Mine sounds very tinny, it wasn't like this before.
I think the jack is faulty as it sounds a bit better if i press the metal back and the front panel together.

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You could try cleaning the jack with some isopropyl alcohol and a Qtip/cotton buds

If you decide to try this don’t pour the alcohol into the jack ,dip the cotton bud in it then clean until it looks clean

If that doesn’t work it could need replacing or repairing

Here’s a guide on disassembling the iPod

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Logic Board Replacement

Once disassembled you will need to ether reflow the solder joints or desolder the Jack depending n if your replacing it or not

Here’s a link to the part you may need


Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thanks, will give cleaning the jack a shot!


@Syamantak Das

Good luck!

I find it’s usually one of the two things

Cleaning usually helps:-)



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