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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Can this system still be repaired or it is a throw away?

I will try to tell all the information I have:
I bought system off ebay for display spare parts, once I changed the display and I decided to test the logic board of the system and the following things happened

1) there is a 45w power supply green led

2) connecting the battery - it is recognized and recharged

3) by pressing the start button the system starts and after 2 seconds it turns off and after 2 seconds it turns on again, after that the system is started only that the display does not show anything it is black, I also tried connecting the external display - nothing

4) I measured the voltage on the components that appear to be in the screen power supply chain on the diagram, they are all at 0v

the motherboard is 820-2530

I want to know if the gpu is dead, if it is still repairable in the sense that I would use it without its screen - via DP cable with external monitor so I don't care that the notebook display doesn't work

Update (12/28/2022)


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do you have the boardview and schematics for it


@tech_ni yes how i can add them here ?


@Game FullHD i have them i was just asking if you did


@tech_ni yes i have , so what we can check to say if gpu is dead or no ? consider that now I can only connect the power supply , when the power supply is connected there is a green light but it does not start , probably because it is a 45w which is not enough so I now take the measurements in s5 state


@Game FullHD do you have 3v3 on pins 2,3,4 of the lvds connector


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U7200 fault .........

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check r2852 for allsyspwrgood


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