iMac 2013 No Chime, No LED, No keyboard connect

Hi, my iMac seems to start up, I’m hearing the hard disk and it turns on. No chime, stays on a black screen. I’m trying to connect a 2020 Bluetooth keyboard with a USB cable so I can try and start up using safe mode. It doesn’t seem like the keyboard is getting power or is connected because when it’s on the caps lock key doesn’t light up. Any suggestions what to try? Thanks!

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Which size screen 21.5” or 27”?


Good afternoon,

I had a similar issue with a 2011 27" imac, and i believe the hard drive was corrupt (Getting it destroyed soon as it has data still on it). This could be a similar issue. However, the hard drive isn't as removable as 8 screws and a magnetic screen cover.

So are you able to open it up? if so then try unplugging the HDD and see if that has any effect.


It’s a 27”. I actually have had problems with the hard disk before. Currently has a replacement hard disk from a couple years ago. Are these iMacs known to break hard disks? If I unplug the hard disk what would I see on screen? Would it be worth to just replace no matter what while I have it open? Thanks!


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