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Nintendo Switch stuck in boot loop after possible water damage.

Some water spilled on my switch, mainly in the fan, and I dried it off but it got stuck in a boot loop. I powered it off and left it to dry for a while, and when I turned it back on it restarted fine, I was even able to start a game. However I wanted to let it fully dry in case there was more water that hadn’t dried. So when I tried powering it off, it got stuck in a boot loop again. So I’ve powered it off completely again and put the switch and the joycons in rice. Is the boot loop from possible water damage? Like I said it still turns on, but it keeps getting stuck in the boot loop. Both joycons work fine and don’t seem to have any damage.

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first of rice does absolutely nothing, it needs opened and cleaned with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol to wash of the minerals from the water. do this and then try it again or take it to an experienced technician

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Rice, always makes me laugh out loud.


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