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Why Tesla Gen3 Charger charges at 10A/13A when it's rated 20A*3

Until today, I charged my Tesla 3 RWD with the regular outlet charging cable at 10A. Today, an electrician installed the Tesla Gen3 Home Charger. We followed the instructions to get it registered with 20A on 3-phases. Still, when connecting the charger, the car was only charging at 10A/13A on a single phase (that's what I was using with the regular outlet charger). Nothing we do (reboot, taking the charger of electricity and back on) get to to start loading at 20A on 3-phases.

How can I tell Tesla to forget about the old charger and use the new one I am connecting it to?

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I have managed to resolve the issue but the solution is very surprising. I noticed that the regular outlet charger was still plugged into the outlet and decided to disconnect it, fold it and put it back in the under-trunk. Although it was not connected to the car, the moment I disconnected the old charger from the outlet, the Tesla started working with Gen3 charger with 16A on 3 phases. Upon reading, I found that if I put it on 20A circuit (the breaker is 20A and in the Gen3 charger setup I wrote it has 20A), Tesla will actually charge the car at a maximum of 80% of the current (20A*80%=16A).

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The Tesla Gen3 Charger is rated to charge at a maximum of 20A per phase (for a total of 60A across three phases), but it may not always charge at that maximum rate. There are a few reasons why the charger may be charging at a lower rate:

  1. The electrical service at your home may not be able to support the full 60A charge rate. Make sure you have the right electrical service to support the charger.
  2. The wiring in your home may not be capable of handling the full charge rate. Make sure that the wiring is rated for the full 60A charge rate.
  3. The Tesla vehicle may be charging at a lower rate to protect its battery from overheating or overcharging.

You can check the charging rate for your Tesla by going to the "Charge" screen on the vehicle's touch screen display. If the charging rate is lower than expected, you can contact Tesla customer support for further assistance.

To forget the old charger and use the new one, you can try disconnecting the car from the old charger, clear the charger settings in the car, and then connect it to the new one and register it.

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Hi sabhir and thanks for your answer - that is the standard answer we get from Tesl but my case was different as non of the 'standard' answers resolved my issue - until I found the solution in my answer.


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