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Smaller, thinner, quieter model of the Playstation 2 (SCPH-700xx) released by Sony in September, 2004.

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Why is my old console stop reading discs?

Greeting to whomever, I had the PS2 Slim for 18+ years. It plays & runs normally, but over the years the console beings to show its age. These were minor issues that I could replace, but it has gone to areas that I'm not familiar with; that being the interior of the console. First, the second slot for the memory card couldn't read the memory card & second, the disc reader or the mechanism that spins the disc isn't working properly. (I am aware that those are the known issues in the PS2 line, but it lasted me for so long that I don't want to give up the old console.)

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Consoles like these will eventually have their parts wear down and fail. The laser on my SCPH-30003 PS2 is faulty and even a potentiometer adjustment didn't fix it. In the end, you can probably replace the mechanism and keep the console going.

If you'd rather use FreeMcBoot and an external method of playing games, it is possible on the PS2 Slim.

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