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MacBook Pro freezes on start up

While navigating a news web site my MacBook Pro slowed down on battery power. Battery was at 90%. I plugged it in. The circle started spinning. After 10 min I shut it down. Now it freezes on start up. I get the gray and blue tapistry, Apple, and spinning wheel for a minute, then the wheel stops spinning.

I did the command V start. The last item says..."air port: handshake complete on en1" Nothing else is displayed after that.

Can anyone help?

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Try to boot the machine with your installation disk then check your hard drive using DISK UTILITY software available in the installation set up.

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I bought this Mac from my son who lives in Japan. He said no discs came with it when he bought it new.


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You need some type of system installation disk. You can call Apple and buy a replacement original system installation disk. Your machine originally came with 10.5.7. (Your machine will not boot with anything less than 10.5.7. You can also buy a retail 10.6 installation disk for $29.00. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC573Z... this you can run Disk Utilities to repair a drive or format a new drive for a system installation. You can also get a 10.7 thumb drive that will do the job for $69. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD256Z...

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