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Why are my amps jumping

I bought a broken Nintendo switch online, it just needed a new charging port cause the pins were bent. I plugged in a good working battery before this and it turned on perfectly. After doing the repair all seems well but the Amps jump to 0.2 then 0.17 then to 0. I heard online it could be caused by not cleaning up the flux which I didn’t (I’m not home so I can’t test this theory) also I don’t have a microscope yet (comming friday) so I can’t fully tell if there’s a bridge in the pins. What’s this most likely to be. Did I mess up the board or was it just a bad job

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Hang on until your microscope arrives. It’ll be hard to see properly without one. I just bought one and makes the world of difference. Are you using the official charger to charge it?


Using my own but thanks anyways I got everything sorted


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I haven’t done any microsoldering work on Nintendo switches but I have done loads of microsoldering on apple products and other devices and from my experience the amps jumping around tends to be normal as long as it’s not making massive jumps EG:going from 1 amp to 3…

I would still check the solder job if you are unsure if it was done ok but that is just what I have seen from working on other micro devices:-)

If you would like you can use this guide here to upload some photos and I can have a little look for you:-)

Adding images to an existing question

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thanks man I really appreciate it I’ll will definitely check it out


From what I know the Amps on the switch shouldn’t go flat to zero though


Also something I was worried about is my flux evaporates completely when using my hot air station is that normal? What flux do you recommend



Does it go to 0 when there’s a battery plugged in?

Also some flux’s are a bit thin which cause them to evaporate quickly:-)

I use AMTECH Nc599 V3 TF,from my experience it’s the best flux iv used ,if you are going to order some that is amtech branded make sure they are a authorised reseller as there are lots of places that will sell you fake ones;-)


No battery just plain mittens

Motherboard @HelloMacOS


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